Commit 7a390417 authored by Martin Pollet's avatar Martin Pollet

ShellyDimmer: brightness starts from 1, closes #44

parent ce8ba665
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......@@ -149,7 +149,8 @@
[rn/view {:flex-direction "column" :flex 1}
[slider {:value (get-in item [:state :brightness])
:onSlidingComplete #(shelly/state-set brigthness-switches :brightness %)
:minimumValue 0 :maximumValue 100
; ShellyDimmer starts with 1, all others with 0: so 1 should be good enough for all
:minimumValue 1 :maximumValue 100
:thumbTintColor "grey"
:minimumTrackTintColor "darkgrey"
:maximumTrackTintColor "grey"
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